Why keto/low carb foods are SUPER beneficial!

Here is why Keto or Low carb foods are beneficial for you:

  1. Weight loss! Once people switch over to eating less carbs and eating more healthy fats, their body's wants to actually go into fat burning mode. That’s right! Eating low carbs and increasing your fat intake makes your body a fat burning machine. After you cut out sugar and unhealthy carbs your body doesn’t run on glucose and will switch to ketones! That’s why you can enjoy our delicious cakes and won’t go into a horrific cycle of crashing from sugar✨😉
  2. Brain and Gut health! When you eat fats and change your eating habits to a Keto or Low Carb will indeed see a major change in your mind and tummy. Our brains and guts are linked together. What we eat can completely screw with our mental. There are studies that show how eating wheat and grains are linked to depression and can cause major holes in our gut walls. A healthy gut and gut flora is crucial and key! If you damage your gut wall you will not be able to absorb healthy minerals. It will also be hard to lose and maintain weight. Wheat belly is real! 
  3. More ENERGY! Energy is what we all can use a lot more of! We drink coffee to supercharge us in the morning. We drink energy drinks and other super sugary sodas to get that battery surge! I promise you the energy you get from fats, such as butter, coconut oil, ghee, and animal fats are SUPERIOR! Clean energy source such as those fats are going to make you feel like you can take on the world! Why sabotage your body for the sake of energy, with bad chemicals and even worse SUGAR.

 FABB will add more benefits to this list later in the future, because the list can go on forever!
 We believe in being able to enjoy a delicious desert with out having bad side affects such as our overly sugary counter parts.
 You have the power to make the choice of what goes into your system. Make it a good damn choice! 

 ”You don’t need sugar to be sweet.” - Mel 🧁